Our Story

The Big Speakeasy is about words, writing and content creation. It’s a communication business that grew out of a love of language and making the complex simple.

The brainchild of its owner, Susan Lambe (that’s me!), The Big Speakeasy was created to connect people (and businesses) and help them understand each other. I can support you to create meaning and find the perfect way to say what you need to.

With over ten years’ experience in marketing communication, employee and change communication; technical and copywriting, and editing, I can help you define your messages and get them to the right people.

I can help you create a space to speak ‘easy,’ with a certain sense of challenging the norm and maybe – just maybe – being a little subversive.

Image of Susan seated at desk with typewriter, books and coffee cup
Speak [spēk] (verb)

To convey thoughts, opinions, or emotions … ; to express oneself; to make a statement in writing.

Easy [ē’zē] (adjective)

Capable of being accomplished or acquired with ease; posing no difficulty; relaxed in attitude.

Speakeasy [spēk’ē’zē] (noun)

A place for the illegal sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks, as during Prohibition in the United States.